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This is the homepage for Xtrusion project. We have been working on the Xtrusion project for several months now, but the development has been kept private until now. We are proud to announce that Xtrusion project is moving from preparation stage, to pre-development stage of the game production. We are currently in need of dedicated members who are willing to join this project in hopes of developing one of the best MMOFPS games on the market today. All work on the game is paid based on the amount of shares that a person holds while developing the game. All developers who join the project will hold a specific amount of shares based on the amount of work that they will do, and submit. Once the game is accepted by the publisher, and is out for production, everyone who has worked on this project will be paid based on the amount of shares they hold. Shares will be based off the profit that the game makes for the company.

Currently, Hydroshock Studios is the sponsor for this game development, so we are looking forward to getting the team assembled as soon as possible for the development to speed up.

If you think you got what it takes, the skills, and knowledge to be part of this team, do not be afraid to apply. We accept all levels of experience. This is what makes this project a great community across all the specialized fields needed in game creation for both students as well as experienced game creators. Now, that doesn't mean that we would hire just about anyone. Those who apply, will have to send us any previous work that they have done, and specifically specify the tools that they are proficient with. Please look around the site thoroughly before deciding to join, as it contains more information about what this project is all about. Also, don't forget to check out our Gallery section, it contains some of the work that we have done so far.

For any questions regarding the Xtrusion project, please send an email to

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