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Additional donations will help create the game, and speed up the development process. Money that is donated to this project will be spent for hosting the site, paying the team, and buying new software that will be used to make this game.
Terms of Agreement:
Making a donation is a voluntary action completely unnecessary for making this game. Donations are nonreciprocal, voluntary transfers of assets from private organizations, individuals, or others to the Hydroshock Studios organization. The term donation is used interchangeably with the term gift throughout this document. Upon donating, you agree that you are NOT entitled to receive any compensation in lieu of the donation you made, but instead, rewarded with a virtual gift, according to the information listed here on the website for your generosity. By submitting any type of monetary unit to Hydroshock Studios you agree that you are not entitled to receive anything from Hydroshock Studios. This form of donation is completely voluntary, and is for the betterment of the Hydroshock Studios Development Team. Rewards are given to those who have donated as a thanks to you for your continued support of the Hydroshock Studios Development Team.

All donators must agree that:
1.) You are not purchasing time, services, or goods.
2.) All donations are final. You agree that all donations are non-refundable and cannot be recalled.
3.) Hydroshock Studios reserves the right to modify this agreement without prior notice.
4.) You will not dispute the charges incurred to your paypal account from your voluntary donation. If a dispute is filed you will be responsible for all charges associated within filed dispute.

To Donate, send payment here.

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